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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ali Soufan Vindicated

Ali Soufan is an FBI agent who claims that he and his partner obtained intelligence from Abu Zubaydah before the CIA tortured Abu Zubaydah. He claims they obtained this information by building raport and that claims about the effectiveness of high value detainee interrogation which are used to justify torture are based on the effectiveness of his opposite approach. Google reminds me, that I have posted on this quite often These claims are contested by vague assertions made often by anonymous sources which imply that those who have full access to classified information know Ali Soufan exaggerated. The Executive Summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee Torture Report strongly confirms Ali Soufan's claims based on access to CIA cables -- Cia intelligence and analysis staff communicating with each other and not CIA employees communicating with the press, congress or the White House.

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