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Monday, September 16, 2013

My daily comment on Ed Kilgore

Today Kilgore is optimistic that Obamacare derangement syndrome with be very costly for Conservatives.  I agree almost 100% but I think it is past time for him to realize just how long ordinary people can remain uninformed

My comment

This is an excellent post. I'm pretty sure that most Republicans in Congress understand the issue and that this is why they are so desperate to stop Obamacare before it is implemented and becomes popular. 

You only briefly (with one word "Many") consider what I think is the key open question.
Many of them will soon realize they are now eligible for Medicaid, or that they would have been eligible if Republican .
seniors eligible for Medicare who have been misinformed about ACA’s impact on their own benefits. When they realize that’s not true,

But will they "realize" it ?  The "Many" implies that many people denied Medicaid by insane Republicans won't realize what happened.  Many people with income less than four thirds of the poverty line don't know about the Medicaid expansion.  Many in states which opt out won't learn about it for years (or maybe ever).  

You don't even include a "Many" when discussing Medicaid recipients.  I am sure that many will believe that theif own benefits have been cut by Obamacare.  In some poll (no link) about 30% of US adults said that George Bush Jr had increased their taxes.  People can believe the strangest things about what has happened to their personal bank account (underpants gnomes have hacked mine which is why they are still in business).

I'm confident that, in the end, Obamacare will be popular.  But I fear that won't happen by Tuesday November 4th 2014.  I also fear that when it is popular Tea partiers will be carrying "keep your government hands of my state-exchange care" signs.

Conservatism survive because conservatives are reality resistant.  Ignorance is strength.

ps Dan if you pick this one up, I will post an even more pointless comment on Kilgore tomorrow.  

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