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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Rob Ford thinks his scandal might be good for Toronto

Rob Ford thinks his scandal might be good for Toronto

Huh ! OK just ask youself, if you see two headlines "Worthwhile Canadian Initiative" and "Mayor Filmed Smoking Crack" which story are you going to read ?

To you unfortunate people living hin huge, beautiful, liveable cities* which no one can find on the map, keep up hope.  There's a Ford in your future.

* I live in Rome which is huge a beautiful.  Everyone can find us, because all roads lead to Rome. This only partially explains the traffic.  

OK I have to tell the boring story.  I'm late (as usual) I approach a traffic circle with the big red and white transoms put up so that people who ignore the circularity notice their mistake but aren't killed (they are ugly and clash with the nearby wall constructed before the birth of Christ but I love them) .  The access lane to the circle is completely blocked by a bus with the engine running and the driver walking around on the sidewalk talking on a cell phone.  I flash my lights and wonder what to do.  I could, in theory, cross the double solid white line and drive on the wrong side of some transoms on the exit from the circle then turn right.  But that would be illegal and, much worse, driving the wrong way towards a blind curve and maybe into an oncoming car.

A police car drives up.  I am relieved as I assume there is a bent fender and I can ask one of the police officers to stop traffic so I can get to the traffic circle. Barely pausing the policeperson  driver goes across the double white line and drives the wrong way around the transom.  Oh.  Someone behind me honks.  I now fear that the police will ticket me if I do what one of them just did. But I do it anyway.  

I drive a Ford Ka.  I'm pretty sure there is a Ford in my future, driving the other way, head on.

But our neo Fascist mayor was never filmed smoking crack. So there.

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