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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh What Brave New Virtual World

Ah globalization oh the internet.  What could be more wonderful that viewing from the comfort of my home in Rome an animation made in Taipei illustrating events in Austin ?  Finding the video embeded at the national memo where estemed Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne shares the masthead with @lolgop who is, as far as I know, identified only by the handle and the avatar of an elephant felating itself (clearly representing the overwhelming self absorption of the amazingly massive internet).

update: OK so right under the elephant felating itself his twitter profile says "IRL: Ann Arbor, Michigan" so sue me.

Almost as wonderful is how I read extensive excerpts of Jon Chait's post on how Gleen Greenwald is Ralph Nader (except for the part about running for president and getting Bush elected which makes me think "Well except for that how did you like the play?").

Chait's exhibit B is that Greenwald wrote "“there is a reasonable debate to be had among reform advocates over whether this bill is a net benefit or a net harm.” he such language Glenn.  My translation is "Let's not dismiss Jane Hamsher as a nutcase but pretend she has a case so we can work with her against say Al Wynn and Joe Lieberman".  To Chait an unwillingness to exclude Hamsher from all reasonable debate is proof of arrogant extremism.

I decided to skip that Chait post (I generally check if there is a new Chait post at least 3 times before he finally posts one).  But I ran into an extensive excerpt followed by the ironic comment "Needless to say, I find the description of this behavior odd as I have never witnessed such a thing in all of my born days.
Must be an urban myth or something…" at firedoglake where Tbogg pretty much endorsed the view that anyone who doesn't dismiss the nonsense one reads at firedoglake out of hand must be a Nader clone.

The US left and right are not symmetric. Imagine reading something like that at The Corner.  In fact the left and the center are not symmetric.  Imagine hearing something like that on CNN.


Hans Suter said...

Hans Suter said... , Jeff Jarvis about who's a journalist, might help you understand what Greenwald does.