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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fact Checking Mitt Romney

Strictly subjunctive speaking: The CNN instant fact check seems similar to what it would be if they were in the tank for Romney.

Yes and if you take him at his word, our verdict on whether Richard Nixon is a crook, the verdict here is false.

But this guy said that Romney's claim to have a plan to guarantee coverage of pre-existing conditions was a flat out lie.  

Fehrnstrom said those who currently lack coverage because they have pre-existing conditions would need their states to implement their own laws — like Romney’s own Massachusetts health care law — that ban insurance company from discriminating against sick people.

Romney has to find some way to neutralize Fehrenstrom who was tougher on him that CNN ... and Obama were.

As often, I really suspect that Fehrenstrom has to hope that Romney doesn't keep his campaign staffing chart on his Etch a Sketch.  Also is he a Democratic mole ?

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Jeffrey Davis said...

If the moon were made of green cheese, the CNN fact checkers are telling the truth.