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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Does Uncompensated Health Care Raise Prices for the Insured

Mark Thoma strikes again. Please click over to, because I don't like to make angry bears angrier.

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run75441 said...


Maybe a correct way to look at this would be: "What would the pricing be if all people were insured?" Within the pricing is a component for the uninsured.

Healthcare is unshackled outside of Medicare and Medicaid. It charges what the market will bear as paid for by all of us. Inflation rate for commercial insurance and hospitals and doctors as shown by the S&P Indice = 8+%. The rate for Medicare = 2.5%. Given this, the next question would be to ask; "What will healthcare costs e in the next decade?" A good answer would be to look at Hillarycare in the nineties and compare to the cost of healthcare today.