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Friday, June 29, 2012

Not just the breaking news

Colbert too.

He notes that Supreme Court Opinions are not repeat not just one page long.

Look another point is that CNN asserted that the individual mandate is the core of the health care law. This is not breaking news nonsense. In fact it is practically nothing at all -- an instruction to pay a tax if one doesn't buy insurance which is not, in fact, to be enforced as, you know, normal laws actually requiring people to pay taxes are enforced.

In contrast the gigantic cuts to Medicare advantage, the huge subsidies, the immense expansion of Medicaid (less immense since Roberts et al Nelsoned it) the new regulations, the new taxes, the new power for the Medicare payments advisory board, are huge.

The extremism of the dissenting four who nullified the entire law because of a quibble about a completely ineffective figleaf hiding the breaking of Baucus's promise to AHIP was completely obscured by the claim that a clearly ineffective provision was central, because that's what Republicans say.

Complete ultra mega fail beyond anything I imagined possible yesterday.

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