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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Allen West agrees with Karl Marx on Higher Education

The often confused Allen West thinks that Pell grants are Marxist. He should check the Critique of the Gotha Progam. So should I but I can't find a link which isn't as dead as the Gotha Program.

Marx too disapproved of public subsidies for higher education calling them the only way to make workers pay for the education of the children of the bourgeoisie in The Critique of the Gotha Program.

I'm trying to check the quote but (which is fine for checking The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money) keeps giving me a page not found error on the Critique of the Gotha Program.

Damn covering up the extensive range of issues on which West and Marx agree.

update: thanks anonymous in comments. It is at Wikisource. Oddly I tried Wikipedia which sent me to the dead page of

"Universal compulsory school attendance. Free instruction." The former exists even in Germany, the second in Switzerland and in the United States in the case of elementary schools. If in some states of the latter country higher education institutions are also "free", that only means in fact defraying the cost of education of the upper classes from the general tax receipts. Incidentally, the same holds good for "free administration of justice" demanded under A, 5. The administration of criminal justice is to be had free everywhere; that of civil justice is concerned almost exclusively with conflicts over property and hence affects almost exclusively the possessing classes. Are they to carry on their litigation at the expense of the national coffers?

This paragraph on the schools should at least have demanded technical schools (theoretical and practical) in combination with the elementary school.

"Elementary education by the state" is altogether objectionable. Defining by a general law the expenditures on the elementary schools, the qualifications of the teaching staff, the branches of instruction, etc., and, as is done in the United States, supervising the fulfillment of these legal specifications by state inspectors, is a very different thing from appointing the state as the educator of the people! Government and church should rather be equally excluded from any influence on the school. Particularly, indeed, in the Prusso-German Empire (and one should not take refuge in the rotten subterfuge that one is speaking of a "state of the future"; we have seen how matters stand in this respect) the state has need, on the contrary, of a very stern education by the people.

Notice, the state and the church should equally be kept out of schools. Tort reform means plaintiffs must pay court costs. The USA is the Greatest. And no breaks for University Students. He wrote the Communist Manifesto, but sometimes it seems the he wrote the Tea Party Manifesto too.

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