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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will be Fooled Again, but not by Time Pawlenty

Looks like Pawlenty has as much faith in Krugman as I do and considered this post "Will be Fooled Again" a guarantee

So my guess is that any day now someone else will get the nod. Actually, Mitch Daniels would have gotten the Ryan treatment if he had run — and down the road pundits would have been shocked, shocked to find that Bush’s budget director, who did as much as anyone to explode America’s debt, is not actually sensible or moderate. Now unrequited centrist love will have to find a new object for its affections — but whoever it is, we can confidently predict that he will disappoint those expectations.

I even think it is possible that villager pundits read that post and decided not to be fooled this time (just to spite Krugman).

In any case, Pawlenty is now neck and neck with Gingrich for the least successful campaign launch ever.

WonkBook (been there done that -- many times)

The Associate Press (in a news article) !

Certified villager Dana Millbank !!!

The correct Who reference is this one

Come to think of it, how can Krugman be such a Who fan and such a Paul Ryan non fan without ever linking to that "Behind Blue Eyes" (or did he and I missed it)

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