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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Huffington Post, New York Times, St Paul Pioneer Press Tag Team on Pawlenty

Huffington Post -- Michelle Goldberg:

Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann sought pardons for a major campaign donor now accused of fleecing faith-based charities in a Ponzi scheme. The 2012 presidential hopefuls should answer for helping make Frank Vennes Jr. respectable,

New York Times - MICHAEL D. SHEAR:

In The St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Pawlenty announcement article ran on the obituary page.

The truth is always the first casualty.

Somehow I think that maybe the Pawlenty administration didn't leak to the Pioneer Press

Update: AP piling on too ! Yes it turns out that truth was the first casualty. Pawlenty's tell the truth campaign starts out with lies (not the AP's word but, you know they are the AP). Totally unballanced.

By the way, two preemptively disgraced candidates from Minnesota ? What's in the water up there. This is the state that tried to give us Presidents Humphrey, McCarthy (Eugene not Joseph -- remember "Stay clean for Gene" ? The children's crusade ? you had to be there (Also "Not to be confused with US senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy" isn't the worlds worst epitaph, but it isn't the best either)) ,Mondale, and Stassen (now that hurts -- my spell checker doesn't recognize Stassen -- he ran for president roughly a thousand times).

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Anonymous said...

McCarthy ran in 1988 on the Minnesota Populists Party ticket. I'm not sure if anyone other than me voted for him, but it's fun being a 41-year-old who can claim he was Clean for Gene.

- msw