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Friday, February 11, 2011

Eschatonblog sends me to this post by Avedon Carol and I am totally disgusted

Well Avedon Carol certainly writes well. In fact I think that "enough of a grain of truth with them to make them compelling to their audience even while they also carry enough crazy to make it easy for everyone from Katarina to Dancin' Dave to even Bill Kristol point at them and say they are going overboard" pefectly summarizes *and describes* the whole post.

I don't watch Glenn Beck, so I have no idea if his accusations against Obama and the Democrats are based on an even more thorough a mixture of denial of reality and bull Shit as Carol's. I admit I find that hard to imagine.

Carol asserts that the Obama adminstration keeps saying things (the economy) are fine. This assertion is not supported by a quotation of anyone on or off the record, because it can't be, because it is a totally false assertion.
Carol asserts (or seems to) that all they was " just pass a bill called health care reform" so, if words mean anything, it would have been about the same if they had renamed some post office naming bill "the patient protection and affordable care act." except, of course, words don't mean anything when one is bullshitting. Or how about "just change the names from "combat troops" to something else" so the decline in US deaths from 314 in 2008 to 60 in 2010 is merely verbal and no big deal. I'd like Carol to choose 254 deaths and tell the relatives of the deceased that nothing much has changed except a word. US forces in Iraq aren't fighting anymore. Kennedy called US soldiers fighting "military advisors." If words mean anything Carol suggests that Obama is lying as Kennedy did.
But words don't mean shit if you are bullshitting.

I suppose Beck is even worse. I don't want to find out. But the post by Avedon Carol is an offence against language truth and logic.

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