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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Comments on Brad's comment eating horror of a blog

update: the comment below appears on Brad's blog. It hadn't appeared when I checked. I rend my garments (ok so I am wearing already torn garments to blog but I rend them further).

Sorry Brad. My mistake.

Title for this post is[ NOT] a quotation of eminent journalist Jonathan Weisman.

By the way Brad, if you invite me to DropBox then all will be forgiven.
update: I now have drop box

I am reproducing this from memory as I stupidly hit post on his stupid comment eating blog. I reproduce the post in full below my comment. I'll use content fairly when the blog stops eating my comments. Brief summary -- Isaac Hall explains clearly and without bitterness how "dropbox" kicked the ass of his competing product syncplicity.

The point of the explanations is that DropBox's extreme limitations are a feature not a bug. Most people aren't computer geeks. Giving us dozens of options just confuses us. We need focus, we need direction, we can't have it and play with the web, but at least each webService should help us focus while we are wasting time with it.

I add (not from memory) that with all the competing webproducts it is hubristic to try to be the only one people use by including all the other web services as features. We don't want more different ways to Skype or Facebook. There are already too many ways. Note the astonishing accomplishment of Microsoft achieved by applying their engulf and devour strategy to the web.

The example also shows that the struggle for clicks is fierce beyond Darwin's worst nightmare. Everyone uses what everyone uses (that's why modern English -- 946 years in developement and still full of bugs (I was tempted to type stil ful of bugs (or rather "tipe "stil ful of bugs" (the worst of which is that it doesn't accept nested parentheses))) and without a word wide standard causing much wasted labor AKA labour -- rules the world currently via

By the Way, Hall's RI (reader interface) would be improved if he used fewer acronyms. I figured out that UI doesn't stand for Un-necessary_strain_on_my Intelligence but user interface, but what the hell is RTFM ? I guess Real Time Frequency Modulation or maybe Really Torturous File Management.

You want to sell to the masses, then speak like the masses, in Inglish.

Fair use is a link to click to go to the post on Brad's comment presenting blog.

You can also see the comment which wasn't sent to cyberlivion and compare it to my effort to reproduce it from memory.

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