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Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Vulcan Mind Weld

Attempting to deduce the intention of The Creator from His creation, I have long been convinced that His aim was to find the utter abyss of idiocy. This causes me great concern, since, I fear that once we accomplish our Purpose and actually achieve said utter idiocy, He will have no further use for us and we will vanish.

I now realize that I am not the only person to reach this conclusion, since Brad DeLong regularly discusses the Stupidoclypse

"one of the Four Horsemen of the Stupidoclypse unleashed upon the world by Marty Peretz and Michael Kinsley in that dreadful laboratory 'accident.'"

The four are Charles Krauthammer, Mickey Kaus, Morton Kondracke and Fred Barnes.

I now realize the one true sign of the last daze the Stupidoclypse.

It will come when all four of them make the same dishonest, stupid specious argument independently.

This is a most alarming thought as we have already gotten half way to the utter abyss of idiocy. in November 2006 both Mickey Kaus and Charles Krauthammer argued that the Democrats had done poorly (Charles claiming to be pleased and Mickey pretending to be disappointed and frustrated by the knowledge that if we had listened to him we would have done much better). They noted that the Democrats had won the narrowest possible senate majority only by winning two elections (Virginia and Montana) by microscopic margins. Both neglected to mention the fact that 40 incumbent Republican senators were not up for re-election making it almost (but not quite) impossible for the Republicans to end up with a delegation of only 49 senators (when was the last time the senate seats won by a major party in a regular election were in single digits ?).

Ahiii due to the mercy (and appalled fascination) of the One who Is the universe was not even half destroyed by the half Stupidoclypse, but, really, how long can it be until all four independently come up with the same idiocy ?

I personally am not making any plans for any date later then next Wednesday.

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