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Thursday, August 20, 2009

In defence of Charles Grassley

In the post below, I blame Max Baucus (D-Montana)for wasting time with kabuki negotiations on a health care reform proposal with Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) when it is very clear that Grassley will say no to any bill no matter what the text. Grassley has made it very clear (for months) that his vote depends on the votes of Republicans from states other than Maine and they have made it clear that they want no reform at all.

Now when I note that Senator Grassley has not been bargaining in good faith,
I do not mean to suggest that Senator Grassley has been bargaining in bad faith. He has publically communicated his unwillingness to accept any compromise at all. I would guess that he has been even more frank (if possible) in private.

Basically Senator Baucus is harassing Senator Grassley. Grassley has said they have nothing to discuss. Baucus says "just talk to me" Grassley has talked for hours and hours and hours. Baucus just won't accept that Grassley just isn't all that into him.

It's sad really. In Washington nothing is sadder than unrequited policy wonking.

Below I criticized Ezra Klein. Now I have a proposal for something constructive he can do. How about he invites Baucus and Conrad over for a hot wonkathon threesome in which they design a plan for a non profit cooperative. He's not a senator, but he is young and certifiably hot and gives much better wonk than Grassley.

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