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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Totally Depetive Headlines

The AP reports on the fact that a 3 judge panel has declared that Al Franken was elected to the senate, and that this should be certified immediately (which implies he should be seated immediately).

"Minn. Court Declares Franken Leader "

this is absolutely false. The court declared him the winner. One is only the leader until the contest is over and they declared it over. Calling for a certificate is the most emphatic way they can say that the chellenge is over and done.

Now that doesn't mean the legal battle is over. The three judge panel is subordinate to the full Minnesota Supreme Court and the US Federal Courts might meddle (after Bush vs Gore 2000 one can't pretend there is any limit on what they might do).

But the declaration of the panel was as clear as it can be and the AP's version is deliberately misleading.

A decision that will be appealed is, to the court that made it, a decision.

The headline is simply false. The article does not hide the facts, but does downplay them in a way which makes Coleman's blatently frivolous quest for delay seem normal.

Note a Coleman spokesman says they will appeal, However, they won't for days. They ahve to appeal within 10 days and they will run out the clock. As far as I know, the decision of the panel contains no news which would require them to rephrase their appeal. As far as I know, they will delay 10 days because keeping a legitimately elected senator out of the senate for as long as possible is their only aim.


Bruce Wilder said...

Congratulations. You are now number one in a Google Search on "depetive".

That's pretty good for a single post.

I hope you resist the temptation to correct your headline, and get to work at inventing an appropriate meaning for your stochastic coinage. I see a future entry in the OED, fame, fortune . . .

Robert said...

I am not attempting to deceive people by repitition, that is, I am absolutely not being Depetitive, when I repeat that all my typos are honest typos. I would never exploit even such an amazing effort for gain.

Robert said...

I'm still Number One ! Actually I'm impressed at the amount of competition
"Risultati 1 - 10 su circa 964 per depetive. (0,56 secondi) "

It seems to me to be a very odd typo.

Notice that Google sends me to when I type