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Monday, April 13, 2009

Today's is a Parody right ? I mean it must be that Brad DeLong's evil twin and Glenn Greenwalds doppler hacked the site and rewrote the headlines to make them look as Hacky as possible.

We have the number 1 story on life death and who won the week

Captain's Rescue Leaves Obama an Early Victory
Successful resolution of confrontation with Somali pirates could help build confidence in president's ability to direct military actions abroad.

Michael D. Shear

Trying to guess what the crowd will believe.

If you must focus on all politics all the time, there is a better political analysis from John Cole -- we're dumb and shallow but not that dumb and shallow.

Then we have the hard hitting

Bo's Trip to the White House
The new first puppy's journey started in western Pennsylvania and ended at 1600 Pennsylvania.

Manuel Roig-Franzia

And the Piece di resistance, ciliegino sulla torta straw that broke my back

"Emanuel Overhauls His Image"

Psst Shailagh, the headline is not supposed to say it's a beat sweetener, have you been rude to the shmo who writes the headlines recently ?

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