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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preading Influence of Yglesias

update 2: The tile was meant to be "Spreading Influence of Yglesias". This was an honest typo, not a joke. I have no idea why I capitalized the P after missing the S

Matthew Yglesias is widely (universally) acknowledged to be very smart and very eloquent. He seems to have become the informal leader of a group of very young and scary smart DC based blogger types.

Now his influence seems to have spread so that people who are roughly twice his age have adopted one of his the characteristics of his style -- the homonym typo.

So we have Prof. Mark A. R. Kleiman writing

("hatred" because most people here "Stalinist" when they hear "Marxist," and foolish because the Social Gospel was about as far from Marxism as you could possibly get)

(he gets extra points for typing two different words when drawing a parallel)

and Prof. J. Bradford DeLong writing

First, there were an awful lot of people who knew in the summer of 2001 exactly what Paul Krugman knew, .... But they didn't say what they knew. And know they feel very guilty.

Which, as far as I now, doesn't even sound right even when pronounced in California.

update: Prof. Kleiman aslo appears to be influenced by Sue Schmidt "More reflections on Rick Warren
by Mark Kleiman

3. It's not just a big diss to gays and women and a diplomatic insult to Iraq,"

update 3: Steve Benen two

"imagine the Obama White House were to host an inter-faith dialog on the great moral issues of the day. President Obama and his team want a lively discussion with a variety of competing ideas, and invite a wide variety of pastors, including Warren, to participate. There may be some who would say this is wrong -- that Warren's conservative believes should necessarily disqualify him from being invited to the White House."

1 comment:

Michael Drake said...

Whenever I write the phrase "now know" (as in "We now know..."), I typically get the 'now' and the 'know' reversed. Good thing for me English isn't sensitive to word order in this case.

P.S. I almost wrote "Whenever I right..."

P.P.S. I did not almost write "I almost rote..."

P.P.P.S. I'd better spellcheck all of this know. Er, now.