Wednesday, December 24, 2008

John Emerson Comments on a post by John Quiggin

John Emerson 12.22.08 at 12:18 pm

The GFC [global financial crisis] was caused by excessive optimism result from drug use.[1]

Modern pharmacology leads people to light far too goddamn many candles and forget to curse the darkness, even when the darkness desperately need cursing.

[1] I didn’t specify that the drugs may have been legally prescribed. And besides amphetamines, anti-depressants were almost certainly involved. Negative thinking can be your friend.

This vaguely reminds me of something Andrew Sullivan wrote. His theory was that the productivity speedup was due to prozac *and* that most Americans didn't grasp the awfulness of Clinton because we were on prozac.

Please don't take offense John. I used the word "vaguely" to avoid accusing you of innumeracy.

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