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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Headline from the Web Page of Italy's Top Circulation Daily La Repubblica

Barack lavora al "drem team"

nei mei sonyi li italyani non scriveranno in inglese senza controllare l'ortografia

Look who's typing.

Now corrected. As far as I know drem team was up only for a few seconds. I almost didn't manage to capture the screen (but I have it)

In other news Italian Prime Minister Silvio Burlusconi said that that Obama "E' giovane, bello e abbronzato" (is young handsome and tanned). La Repubblica (where they hate Berlusconi more than I do because he tried to buy it and fire them all) they note that ABC has broadcast the translation. Among many others

"Successivo" means "next" click to see the next photo of a front page (clearly Berlusconi was jealous that Obama was on front pages around the world).

The first time tragedy, the second time farce, the third Berlusconi government burlesque.

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