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Monday, November 03, 2008

Finally Reconciled to Cell Phones

I resisted cell phones considering them a status symbol (really kids they once were a status symbol). I understand that now everyone has a cell phone and poor and/or young people don't have a fixed phone, but the hostility lingered, especially because my cell phone makes an irritating beep when its battery is low, which is almost instantly and one of the many things Paul Krugman and I have in common (hmm beard, grey hairs, co-authored with Brad DeLong, don't like Bush) is poor cell-phone reception at our houses.

Now finally I embrace the wireless age. Nate Silver notes that people contacted by cell phone are much more likely to say they will vote for Obama (probably not just because cell phone reception in the exurbs and countryside is horrible see above).

Now if my damn phone would stop hiding from me, I would be at peace with the radiowave cells.

Via Krugman's co-author and mine Brad DeLong

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