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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Impressions of the Boston Globe

I used to read the Boston Globe to find out what happened long long ago. I read it before I read the New York Times, because it arrived at the 7/11 in Central square Cambride earlier (5:00 AM not 6 am) and went to bed later than the out of town edition of the Times (midnight not 10 pm). This was before I surfed the web (we are talking late 1980s).

back in the Boston Met area, I am fairly surprised to find huge stories on local news on page A1 and very little international news. I think the Globe has moved into a local news, crime and sports niche due to cable news and maybe the web.

I am not thrilled.

Over in the blogosphere, I read a lot of convincing attacks on the WAPO the NY Times and TV news. I didn't realize how little else there is out there.

Hans has left a new comment on your post "12/14/2006 03:05:00 AM":

Had the same impression in April. But what surprised me even more was the complete absence of the war in Iraq in daily life.

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