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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dubai Dumbness II

I feel a little less bad about the dumb puns immediately below after reading about
the idiocy of the Bush administration in circular firing squad mode. They aren't funny either but they are playing it for laughs aren't they ?

In the AP article on Coast Guard concerns about the deal

"In this case, the concerns that you're citing were addressed and resolved," Clay Lowery, the Treasury Department's assistant secretary for international affairs, told Collins.


Stewart Baker, an assistant secretary for the Homeland Security Department, told lawmakers that the report was an internal Coast Guard document that the interagency panel that reviews foreign investment deals did not see.

And Stewart Baker must be joking when he claims that the Bush administration kept the helpful parts classified and declassified the damaging bit.

"I think it's a little unfair to judge this report by one paragraph that happens not to be classified," Baker said. "This paragraph is not really representative of the entire report."

Yes I know that is not funny, but really how else can you explain such a statement other than as an attempt to lighten the mood with a few laughs.

Am I going to have to start working on "The Circular Firing Squad Of Flying Attack Monkey's II This Time It's Portual" ?

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