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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Comment Spam rude but possibly prophetic ?

The reader(s???) of this blog might also see the comments. When I check my blog they sometimes appear right after the posts and sometimes I have to click on "permalink and comments" to see them. Needless to say, most of the comments are comment spam and, blaming myself for not having a clue as to how to block comment spam, I generally blame myself. However, recently the comment spambots have gotten offensive.

For some reason which I would much rather not investigate, said spambots insist on offering me assistance with dealing with alcoholism, coke addiction and meth addiction. I mention this because, given the role of artificial intelligence in the illegal NSA phone tapping program, it is a matter of some interest whether computers can figure out something about people like, say, me, by analysing the text of their phone conversations, e-mails and blog posts. OK so tell me, would my posts give an AI program with actual intelligence the impression that I am regularly drunk, tweaked and blasted ?

Spambots are requested to refrain from replying.


econgeek said...

You can deal with the spam by deleting it :-) it doesnt take *that* long. Make sure youre logged in into blogger and besides the offending comments there should be a little trash can. click it.

As to why you get the tweaker spam, I have no clue. I am guessing that blog spammers have a hard time forming a suitable synchronisation mechanism and thus that they all try and go after the expensive-adword of the month at the same time thus creating excess supply in the next period. My guess is that the current trend is drug rehab programs. Some asbesthos related adwords used to be the top payed adwords and thats where at the time all the comment spam seemed to be pointing at. This is just a guess, ofcourse.

Hans said...

it's the stochastic thing like in give peace a CHANCE. Try with "Robert's Deterministic thoughts".