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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dumb and Dumber

I hate to disagree with Brad DeLong but I'm not sure that Donald Luskin is the stupidest man alive. I'm not sure he's even the stupidest Luskin alive.

Karl Rove's lawyer Robert Luskin seems to have been hit over the head with a gold bar. Either that or he is so inspired by public spirit that he is doing everything he can to get Rove indicted.

Check out the latest at ThinkProgress

Rove’s Lawyer Falsely Smeared Matt Cooper

Luskin tried to embarrass Time reporter Matt Cooper in the New York Times by claiming Cooper never got an “express person release”:

[Cooper] told Judge Thomas F. Hogan of the Federal District Court in Washington that he had received “an express personal release from my source.” That statement surprised Mr. Luskin, Mr. Rove’s lawyer. Mr. Luskin said he had only reaffirmed the blanket waiver, in response to a request from Mr. Fitzgerald.

He essentially got a whole story on the front page of the New York Times based on that claim. In fact, Cooper did get an “express personal release.” And it was in written form. Cooper’s lawyer read it to the press corps this afternoon:

Consistent with his written waiver of confidentiality he previously executed, Mr. Rove affirms his waiver of any claim of confidentiality he may have concerning any conversation he may have had with Matthew Cooper of Time magazine during the month of July 2003.

Isn’t it time to stop smearing people and start telling the truth.

First Luskin released Matt Cooper from his promise of confidentiality. Then he lied and denied it. It is not bright to insult the witness who has the goods on your client. It is beyond stupid to lie in order to insult that witness. Lying about a written document in the posession of that witness's lawyer is ... well beyond my vocabulary anyway.

As with Donald on April Fools day "What's the upside for Luskin here?"

Dear namesake slime and defend you know slime and defend

Update: Ryan Lizza doesn't think so highly of Robert Luskin either. He reports that (blush) Luskin went to Harvard.

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