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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Mole hunting.

Silly me, I focused on the smallest of small fry Michael Ledeen.
While Joshua Marshall has a coded list of suspects. I'm not afraid of getting sued so I will try to decode it
" known for comparing Chalabi to Mohammed" I should remember that. Wolfowitz or Feith.
"folks at OSD involved in B-teaming the regular intelligence community" OK that's Feith so above should be Wolfowitz.
"very high-level administration figures, particularly if they turn out to hang their hats in the White House complex" good god he's accusing the Vice President.

But some people are not willing to settle for medium fry either.
Matt Yglesias makes a very convincing case that the mole is George W. Bush.

Got to admit it explains a whole lot of puzzling policy choices.

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