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Monday, May 28, 2018

Lost in cyberspace.

Danger Will Robinson danger. I am currently locked out of twitter, which is convinced I may be a 'bot. Twitter machines keep politely telling me that to reactivate my account I should click and they will send a number as a text message to my cell phone and I can tweet once I type in that number. At the same time my evil phone company won't deliver text messages -- I've reached some monthly limit for my data plan even though I never send or receive text messages (problem is I left my phone on while on a car ferry where they provide service charging a huge number of quatloos per minute).

I think this is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I suddenly have huge amounts of time and energy. I assume that no one has been checking my semi defunct blog. (hi no one)

Also twitter is definitely addictive. I recognize withdrawal symptoms (from nicotine addiction) and I am feeling them.


The Sophist said...

Robert, your experience is the same as mine. I posted a tweet that flagged as offensive (it wasn't) and my account was blocked until I removed it. So I didn't. Months pass, and I don't notice that I can't tweet. Good luck, Twitter.

Robert said...

lucky you or rather wise you. i have set up another account. I now have 1 (one) follower, but the hassle is that my twitter feed is empty and I don't remember who I used to follow -- I've just followed a few of my favorite twitter twits. The other hassle is that twitter has thus decided that I am an anti Trump conservative and keeps suggesting i follow anti Trump conservatives.

I blame Rick Wilson who is conservative, smart and funny.

JimV said...

I am prejudiced against Twitter and Facebook and was before being prejudiced against FB was cool.

Twitter is okay as a source of links to good, longer-form stuff but it is the longer-form stuff (e.g., blogs) that are worth reading.

Is it a coincidence that USA (and some other countries') politics have gotten so bad since we started disagreeing with each other's hot takes on Twitter? Okay, maybe.