Monday, October 30, 2017

Mysterious Ways

I have long believed that, if there is a God, He (or She) created to world to find the ultimate abyss of idiocy. This causes me great concern when I fear that we have achieved our Purpose as the world might cease to exist when we achieve ultimate idiocy. I was very concerned on my 56th birthday (November 9 2016). Subsequent events have caused me to doubt my non-faith. I mean if Trump isn't the pinnacle of the quest for the nadir then maybe it isn't our Purpose. But now I am concerned. It appears that George Papadopoulos, previously known as the Trump advisor who put his accomplishments at the model UN on his CV, may have saved humanity. My theory implies that the Lord (or Lady) chooses utter idiots as the preferred vehicle of His (or Her) Grace. Previous examples of the Lords Annoying are Galina Romanov daughter of the dread Soviet Communist enemy of human rights Grigory Romanov who narrowly lost the contest for General Secretary to Mikhail Gorbachev. This was one of the more important events in the 20th century. I have neither proof nor doubt that it was caused by Galina Romanov's wedding reception. As per his contempt for all standards of decency, Grigory forced the Hermitage to loan china which had belonged to Catharine the Great for the reception. His daughter and son in law decided to celebrate by smashing the plates. Thus humanity was saved (for a while). There was still the problem that the USA wasn't necessarily willing to accept Gorbachev's unconditional surrender in the cold war. Fortunately God's little finger Joan Quigley intervened. Ms Quigley (sadly departed 3 years ago) was an astrologer who convinced Nancy Reagan to convince Ronald Reagan to trust Mikhail Gorbachev. Can the 21st century match these two heroines of the 20th ? I thought not, but it appears that George Papadopoulos, unsatisfied with his triumphs at the model UN, decided to subvert US democracy by dealing with a mysterious professor who said he would help the Russian State help Trump help himself to Hillary's e-mails. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we are idiots totally over our heads. The Lord (or Lady) works in mysteriously moronic ways.

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