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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Watching (but not listening to) the Debate

I am not a sexist and I followed the brilliant advice the woman whose husband I am gave me in 2000. To understand how a presidential debate affects undecided voters, it is best to watch with the sound off. If you can't follow the words but only get visual impressions, then you might be able to understand the perspective of low info voters. In particular way back in the sad sad year 2000 she noted that Bush looked like a human being and Gore looked like a robot. That (and 5 supreme court justices) caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, a great recession and an indelible stain on the honor of the USA. OK maybe I am a sexist, but I can't stand to listen to Donald Trump for more than two minutes (I tried really I tried). He didn't look good. She looked calm and confident. But one thing that really struck me was the post debate. Trump was surrounded by his grim faced family. Then he ran off stage. Hillary and her husband shook hands and posed for photos, shared themselves with an adoring crowd, and acted like nice friendly people. I think this might make a difference.

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