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Monday, December 28, 2015

Global Warming Update

To celebrate the Paris peace talks and in honor of the Christmas season it has been almost unpleasantly hot in the Washington DC area (interesting how the people who laugh at Al Gore whenever it snows aren't mentioning this).

I am in my parents house in Silver Spring Maryland. On Christmas day it was so hot in their house that we used a fan to cool. We didn't turn on the air conditioning in December only because we didn't want to contribute to the global problem.

Here is a photograph taken (by Richard Waldmann) December 27th 2015 of Forsythia's blooming in Silver Spring Maryland


Jeffrey Davis said...

There's a viola just outside my kitchen door that's been blooming since the beginning of December.

Jeffrey Davis said...

re: previous comment

In central Kentucky.

reason said...

a rather trivial and personal comment, judging by photos of you that show up in a google search, you have a remarkable similarily in appearance to Mats Hummels: