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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Microcardiods Vs Magaurisoids

Well this is delicate. This humble blog is getting some traffice (from Mark Thoma as usual). It is unfortunate that I feel the need to blog wearing my tinfoil hat. I would like the reader to consider the civilizational struggle and ask if might be reasonable to entertain the possibility that our planet is the scene of a struggle for dominance between two alien civilizations. Now I understand claiming contact with one alien civilization is already full tinfoil hat so I guess I am going for tinfoil gloves too.

Of course one of the alien races would have to be the Megaurasoids characterized by large ears and completely mysterious political success. They seem to have landed in Indonesia in the 1960s and have already colonized the 2nd and third largest democracies.

I don't approve of colonialism, but we had been making a mess of things.

Of course this means I am not just a birther but a Birther alleging that Obama isn't just an alien in the legal sense but in the science fiction sense. I have seen photos of his birth certificate, but think back to 2002. Would you ever have imagined that a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama would become president through entirely terrestrial means ?

The second exemplar would, of course, have to be Joko Widowo who rose from a humble (allegedly earthling) background to be elected president of Indonesia. Hmm that extremely large important country no one ever thinks about again. Just look and tell me this is a coincidence

Hmm different hair. Slightly different eyes. The same ears. The same strange career path. I mean Widowo was elected president before he learned how terrestrials perform the strange task we call "pulling up our socks."

Look at the expressions. Both seem mildly pleased to find themselves in the White House. It's almost as if, after the distance they've travelled the distance from Hawaii or Indonesia to DC isn't any big deal.

Now I am confident that the megaurisoids have good intentions. Obviously, as mentioned above, their ability to get people to trust them is one of the ways in which they differ from humans.

Unfortunately we, and they, are not alone. There is clearly another group which landed in the frozen wastelands of Northern North America somewhere between Calgary and Milwauki. Again, try to tell me this is a coincidence with a straight face

I am, of course, almost the last to notice

MomJ at gardenweb has an wonderful example (think about it -- a political story so alarming and easily supported with photographic evidence that it is reported in a gardenweb forum).

Ms Observer Staff showed that even color film can not hide the resemblance

In five decades, at least the microcardiods have learned how to shave. The strange technology called the "razor" must be alien to them (probably because they were too tempted to try to kill each other with safety razors).

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