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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Republicans Worst Idea Ever ?

With the sarcastic hyperbole that won him millions of fans (OK that makes me read everything he writes) Jon Chait declares "Poll Confirms the Republican Immigration Shutdown Plan Is Their Worst Idea Ever". The proof

"Today, CNN has a poll about who to blame in the event of such a shutdown. Fifty-three percent of Americans would blame the Republican Congress, and only 30 percent would blame Obama."

Oddly he claims that 30% is the hard core base crazication factor, when it is well known that it is 27% but I'll spot him 3%.

I think Chait may be right (although the competition is fierce) but that doesn't mean that the DHS shutdown is clearly and by a wide margin the worst idea to which they are currently committed. It doesn't even mean that it is the idea that fares worst by a wide margin in the poll which Chait cites.

There is also the Netanyahu speech.

Josh Marshall (who clearly despises Netanyahu more passionately even than I do) reports with scarcastic delight (and the headline of the week)

"Great Times for Bibi-Boehner Bund!"

click his self link (Josh Marshall is wonderful but TPM links to itself too much)

The CNN/ORC poll found that 63 percent of Americans disagreed with Boehner's decision to extend the invitation without consulting the White House, while 33 percent said it was the right thing to do

Note how I strategically spotted Chait 3% above. Now I want my 3% back so I can claim that 33% = 30% ( to be honest, subtracting the 27% crazification factor, 3% of Alan Keyes resistant US adults would blame Obama and twice as many, a ful 6% think inviting Netanyahu was a good idea).

Continuing with the B-list, I recall that the rarely interesting and otherwise never snarky David Brooks once said that he sometimes wonders if George Bush is a Democratic mole.

There has been some discussion of whether Boehner is in an impossible situtation, incompetent or both. There is another possibility -- that he is a political genius Democratic mole.

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