Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Stupidoclypse allert

Today could be the day. I am thinking again of the four horsemen of the stupidoclypse: Charles Krauthammer, Morton Kondrake, Mickey Kaus and Fred Barnes. The end of daze will come when the four of them make the same stupid argument at the same time. So far there have been two Hemistupidoclypses. The first came in 2006 when Krauthammers and Kaus argued that the 2006 Democratic wave showed that the Democrats were weak as they obtained only the smallest possible margin in the Senate through two very narrow victories (both due to Markos Moulitsas by the way -- senators Tester and Webb said so). Neither mentioned that 40 Republican senators were not up for election, so the Republican Senate victories just had to reach double digits for them to keep the majority. This argument was profoundly dumb, they were insulting the intelligence of their readers and managed to underestimate the intelligence of the US public. However, 2<4 and it was only halfway to the ultimate abyss of idiocy. Similarly two of the four argued that it was good strategy to nominate Paul Ryan for vice president. How did that work out fellas ? But I really think 2014 could be the year. The stupid chum is in the water. There is a temptation to say that the US has rejected Obama after re-electing him because association with him is political poison in Lousiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia, West Virginia, South Dakota, Montana and Alaska -- states where he lost in 2008 and 2012. There is the temptation to argue that the election of the ernest Ernst and the shows how Republicans can win in purple states by not nominating extremists (when they might win because the press thinks that reporting their views on policy would reveal liberal bias (as Colbert noted the facts have a liberal bias)). I will try to avoid noticing the elections which I don't expect to enjoy, but I will keep a look out for the possibly imminant stupidoclypse.

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