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Monday, May 26, 2014

Who will be quickest on the draw ?

Manchination (noun) an clever action violating logic decency and, especially, partisan loyalty leading to Senatorial election. The etymology is a reference to then gov and as a result sen J Manchin shooting the draft cap a trade bill showing his love of guns and coal. The Obama administration is about to publish regulations on carbon emissions from existing power plants. Which Democratic Senate candidate will be the first to make a point firing a bullet through it ? Betting pool open -- put your bragging right tokens on Allison Lundargan Grimes (who has already fired a gun in contrast to her opponent who just bench pressed one) Natalie Tenant (in the Manchin electing state of West Virginia) Mary Landrieu (the only currently serving Democratic Senator whose campaign antics ever made me blush) Mark Begich (who has no Hulk to smash) or Mark Pryor I hope they all blast away. This is a time to be Machivalian non Manichean and I'm all for unscrupulous Manchinations.


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