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Monday, January 20, 2014

Invasion of the Barro Snatchers

Josh Barro wrote a great post with a Dylan Matthews type title "We Need A New Supply Side Economics — Here Are 8 Things We Can Do" The title is clearly partly ironic and deliberately provocative (who woulda thunk it) given point 8 "8. Make taxes more progressive." The whole post makes me strongly suspect that Matt Yglesias has taken control of Barro's laptop (if not his body). Even the pro-market points are pure Yglesias -- deregulate building and barbering. I just want to endorse making taxes more progressive. I think Barro concedes too much when he writes "This isn't a supply-side reform; in fact, it is likely to discourage investment and economic growth at the margin. " There is less than zero evidence for this assertion.

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