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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cruz is Vain

Cruz is a selfish publicity hound.  Also water is wet.  Cruz's 21 hour speech wasn't a serious effort to obstruct, because it did not delay final passage of the bill.  Yes we have reached the point of distinguishing serious policy relevant obstruction and showboating pseudo obstruction.

 Meredith Shiner and Niels Lesniewski at Roll Call explain that Cruz proposed faster approval of the bill, because he cares more about ratings than legislature.

Though it is unclear whether leaders will accept Cruz’s offers, the fact that Cruz moved at all from his original position that the Senate should take up full debate time to Sunday could mark progress toward avoiding a shutdown. Many, including most Senate Republicans, view government shutdown as an unavoidable outcome unless the GOP cedes debate time. On Wednesday morning, Cruz offered to open debate on the House-approved continuing resolution by unanimous consent as long as the majority agreed to hold the vote to cut off debate on Friday, so more people might pay attention to it.

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