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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is there a Craig who own's Craig's list ?

Is there a Craig who own's Craig's list ?

This is an honest question.   If so,  why isn't he very rich ?  Classified ads were a huge cash cow for Newspapers.  The internet is killing them not because of say blogs, but because it is a better medium for classified ads (key word searches are much better than classification and why kill trees for something only a few people will read).  Importantly, there are huge network externalities in the classified ad biz.  One looks where there are listings and lists where people are looking.  But there is, as far as I know, no corresponding multi billionaire.  OK the is eMeg Witman, but eBay is odd.  No help wanted, no apartment for rent. I mean there are lots of things you can advertize but can't send in the mail.  So why ?

Look squirrel.

Pulled back from comments.  Hans Suter answers my question.  Craig Newmark doesn't seem to be interested in money.  The internet is vulnerable to infection.  Here a huge revenue flow seems to have been mostly destroyed by infectious non-greed.

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Hans Suter said...

good question.