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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Accountability betting

Pundit Steve Benen notes that punditry is an accountability free field.  

Republican officials and the Beltway media gambled on the IRS "scandal," betting heavily on its viability and seriousness, convinced that the odds were in their favor
Ideally, this would a time for at least some accountability. There were countless Republicans and mainstream pundits -- left, right, and center, from Limbaugh to Jon Stewart -- who were absolutely convinced that this story was legitimate and President Obama bore responsibility for the wrongdoing we now know didn't exist.

In comments "JMK of CT
You really think you are going to hear any of those people say "Oooops"? Dont hold your breath."

OK so I open betting.  I am willing to offer 1 to 2 odds that Jon Stewart will admit that he was wrong. If he does you owe me one "I told you so" if not I owe you two "I told you sos".  Given the huge number of bets which I expect in comments, I will set up a tote board and update the odds.

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