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Monday, April 16, 2012

iWrite real bad with an iPad.  Some have noted that the uh production values of this iBlog have declined even below their normal astonishinly low level.  In particular links appear as urls and in odd places.  The reason is that I am surfing and commenting with an iPad.  iCan't write as well with an iPad as with a keyboard.  One key problem (and motivation for this iBleg) is that iCan't figure out the iEquivalant of the arrow keys.  How can iMove around in a document with an iPad ?

iMisspell because iDon't know how to spell.  That is a problem with the author not the medium.  But iWish iCould move around iText boxes.


Hans Suter said...

iLike iWrite!

Jacob Davies said...

You may want to get a keyboard for the iPad. The Apple Bluetooth keyboard will work with it and then you can have real arrow keys and stuff. Still much lighter than a laptop plus you don't have to use the keyboard when you don't feel like it. On the other hand totally useless in places where you can't arrange the tablet and keyboard approprately (e.g. planes).