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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Does this observation tell us more about Rick Santorum or about David Fahrenthold

"Rick Santorum does not provide doughnuts."

Is the aim to convince the last 3 people who take the political press seriously that they think it is all about them ?

To be deadly serious, I think the key solution is to use the magic power of the internet, or hell how about the telephone. They don't have to ride on the bus and scrounge for doughnuts anymore. They can listen to the speaches from the comfort of their own homes, then fact check them on the web. Maybe someday hard working reporters will have as much interesting to write as lazy amateur bloggers.

But I'm not holding my breath.


"Santorum, ...

His premise is that only he — a man who lacks the logistical wherewithal to rustle up snacks —"

I could have saved Kaplan some ink and paper. "logistical wherewithal" means money. Fahrenthold's position (clearly his deeply held view) is that only candidates who have huge campaign budgets are competent leaders. Just above, he noted the collosal Romney stagecraft fail in Ford Stadium. But Romney has the right stuff to manage, to be a competent CEO -- dollars.

Now I don't like Santorum (see post below). I've always rejected his claim that US Democracies is threatened by internal enemies who are determined to make it fail. But I can't think of another explanation of the existence of this article.

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