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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This article by Dan Balz (which I think is supposed to be news) perfectly illustrates how the Washington Post has gone terribly wrong.

Similar plans, similar goals, but no deal

"It’s clear why there is no deal" is the headline on

The article is perfectly Ballanced. It treats Obama and Boehner identically, but the key point is that the content of proposed bills is not mentioned at all. It is an analysis of a policy debate with no mention of policy.

The key sentence " Only when it is shown that neither Boehner’s nor Reid’s plan can get out of Congress can real negotiations for a compromise begin" shows that Ballz has decided that policy has no place in a discussion of why there is no agreement.

Reid's plan is not a "compromise" it is a complete 100% concession to all of the Republican's demands. However, just because it is the current position of the leading congressional Democrat, "a true compromise" must be somewhere between it and the Republicans' current proposal.

Balz didn't write the headline, but it is a fine headline. It is clear to everyone why there is no deal -- collectively Republicans won't take yes for an answer. None is willing to compromise or even appear to compromise. Many are unwilling to vote to increase the debt ceiling. No matter how completely Democrats surrender, give in and cave, some Democratic Representatives will have to vote for a debt ceiling increase. Therefore Boehner will appear to have compromised. Therefore he won't be speaker long.

The Post's rule that one must never admit that one party deserves all of the blame is absolutely rigid. That reporting have some connection with reality is a lower priority.

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