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Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner's weiner query

OK I get it. I will not delete the silly post below. I was wondering why everyone is convinced that the alleged tweet with the link to the crotch shot allegedly on yfrog was, in fact, a tweet. The reason is that Patior76USA retweated it. Now I understand.

Confused query below.

There is an alleged tweet containing a link to a yfrog account and a digital photograph of a man's crotch in very tighty whiteys which was allegedly at that link. It is agreed that both the tweet and the photograph are not on their original alleged locations on the allgedly world wide alleged web.

I have read (somewhere on the web I forget where) that the alleged Yfrog screen capture was photoshopped -- that it has nothing to do with anything that was ever hosted on Yfrog.

On the other hand, everyone seems to agree that the alleged tweet was a tweet -- that it went out on twitter and that it was sent from Weiners twitter account.

How do we know that the alleged tweet was ever on twitter ?

I ask for information. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something and there is some convincing evidence. Please inform me in comments (or by e-mail).

As far as I know (obviously not very far) the only evidence is a *.jpg which is alleged to be a screen capture.

My preferred explanation of all of the data is that Patriot76usa photoshopped that alleged screen capture, that neither he nor Weiner tweeted the link. That the alleged tweet was never a tweet.

The implausible 1 to 5 seconds would be an explanation of why no one else saw the tweet there is no need to explain how Weiner (or his staff) managed to get the tweet off of twitter so fast if it was never on twitter.

The alleged Yfrog screen capture has been discussed. I have read (somewhere on the web) a confident claim that it was photoshopped made by someone who explained what sounds like evidence and claims expertise (you know somewhere on the web).

But the claim that the alleged tweet was indeed a tweet and isn’t a photoshopped image passed off as a twitter feed screen capture isn’t even being discussed.

One possible explanation is that Weiner said his facebook account was hacked. Weiner’s defenders seem determined to argue that he is not only non-lewd but also tech savvy (they even argue that he wrote “facebook,” because hacking the facebook account was a step towards hacking the twitter account for some reason).

What if the first he learned of the alleged tweet and alleged YFrog hosting of the photo cam from ?

It seems to me that the idea that either Patriot75USA is telling the truth or something was hacked follows very logically from Weiner’s stated guess of what happened. But why assume that he must know what happened (so his hypothesis is true or he is lying) ? I mean he’s looks very geeky but he is a congressman not a technopunk.

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