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Sunday, June 06, 2010

I seem to have been bannned over at Political Animal

For days, my comments have been rejected on the grounds that I am not allowed to comment.

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So here is a comment in reply to another comment.

Bill H wrote

"...The "buying oil from Iran" thing is a claim that is being made by "Vote Vets" in television commercials, so why are you not calling them on that as you do Kirk? ..."


"Well, I'm sure only a mental defective would make any link between "every gallon we use means money going to Iran" and "buying from Iran.""

Notice how "buying oil from Iran" has become a statement which has some link with "buying oil from Iran." Bill H asserts that his statement is to be accepted as true unless it has no link whatsoever with reality. I think this is the most generous possible interpretation of his second comment, since the only link is that the accurate quote and the innaccurate paraphrase include the word Iran and have something to do with money.

My reply follows. By the way, I have been assuming that I wasn't really banned and that this is some web bug, but I might actually have been banned for excessive rudeness.

Bill H, you are indeed right that only a mental defective would think that, since we don't buy oil from Iran, our purchases of oil don't cause Iran to get more dollars.

Let me clue you in to some really subtle liberal words "supply" and "demand." I'm sure you've heard of them, but just in case, the idea is that, other things equal, an increase in demand for a commodity causes its price to increase.

According to this flake called Adam Smith, other things equal, increased US demand for petroleum causes a higher world price of petroleum. This is good for petroleum exporters like Iran even if they don't sell petroleum to us.

The VoteVets claim is very plausible also given the fact that the US does not buy oil from Iran.

"Supply" and "demand" are useful words. You might want to look them up in the dictionary some day.

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