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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Matthew Yglesias Says that Glenn Beck is Like Plato

I claim he insulted Glenn Beck. I am quite serious.

Yglesias wrote

Beck is recapitulating an argument Plato makes in The Republic about the inferiority of art to philosophy. The complaint, essentially, is that art is a kind of cheating that bypasses the faculty of reason and can mislead the people. This leads him to the conclusion that poetry ought to be banned in a well-governed society.

Comparing Beck to Plato is audacious, I'll give you that. However, I think you have achieved the very difficult task of slandering (or libeling) Glenn Beck. To criticize something is not to propose that it be banned.

Hmmm yes you are like Glenn Beck (I see your Beck = Plato and raise you a let's make it personal). Beck and other Foxers claimed that, when Dunn censured Fox News, she was censoring it. It seems that Yglesias is doing the same with Beck.

On the other hand, while Yglesias is eager to deny the differences between Beck and Plato, at least he doesn't confuse glibertarians with defenders of liberty.

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