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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the Odyssey of a Trachea

In great medical news a new piece of Trachea grown from her own stem cells has been translplanted into a woman in Barcelona.

If this works it will be a functional organ made in laboratorieS.

Also the new organ is a unified European organ. It was made in Spain, Italy and Italy (it probably traveled more than Ulysses)

Once doctors had a donor windpipe, scientists at Italy's University of Padua stripped off all its cells, leaving only a tube of connective tissue.

Meanwhile, doctors at the University of Bristol took a sample of Castillo's bone marrow from her hip. They used the bone marrow's stem cells to create millions of cartilage and tissue cells to cover and line the windpipe.

Experts at the University of Milan then used a device to put the new cartilage and tissue onto the windpipe. The new windpipe was transplanted into Castillo in June (in Barcelona I assume).

Now that's European Unification I can believe in.

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