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Thursday, August 21, 2008

John McCain Man Without Honor

The Obama campaign released an attack ad linking McCain to Ralph Reed.

They stick to demonstrable facts. However, there is a back story (rumor?) which I feel free to stress and which, if true, makes the known facts incomparably more damaging to McCain.

I believe that Reed was the principal behind the appalling smear in S Carolini in 2000 which suggested that the McCain's adopted Bangladeshi daughter was the product of McCain's adultery with an African American woman.

Just ask Marshall Wittmann

The embodiment of this coalition was a key operative who implemented the anti-McCain assault in South Carolina -- former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, a Karl Rove crony who was also on the payroll of Enron. Reed had been my boss when I worked as legislative director of the Christian Coalition. Before the primaries, Reed warned me that he would implement an under-the-radar slime assault on McCain if he posed a threat to Bush -- just what happened in South Carolina after Bush's loss to McCain in the New Hampshire primary.

That's about as personal as it gets. Now I don't have proof, but I don't have doubts either. I'm sure McCain at least suspects Reed.

That he is willing to ask Reed for favors shows not only that McCain has no honor or shame, but also that he has no pride. He is willing to do anything to be President.

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