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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I call on my fellow Peanut Oil drenched dirty Ghoulies to drown NotStephenColbert in Ghoulash.

In spite of my Austrian name, I am, in fact ethnically Magyar (I mean plurality Magyar not absolute majority Magyar). I was delighted to find that my very own ethnic group was mentioned on TV (even in the context of Peanut Oil in which I have never ever bathed).

Not totally a thrill that my ethnic identity (partial and mixed) is so bland that it is safe to make fun of us [on the air] (I mean in the cables or whatever). However I do recall a trace of Magyar pride in my grandmother (born Sipos Erzebet) who suggested that perhaps her husband was descended from a Magyar forced by Maria Teresa to take a Germanic name. And this was a woman voted for Adlai Stevenson every chance she got (actually I'm not sure she didn't write his name in in 1972 considering the fact that he was dead a minor problem given the advantages of being neither Richard Nixon or a DFH (OK I know she didn't but it would have been funny if she did)).

update: don't Kphech I just corrected the spelling

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