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Friday, November 10, 2006

Well beyond Parody

Over at Daily Kos Kynn Bartlett describes voter intimidation in Tucson Arizona.
He followed up a MALDEF press release

In the morning on voting day, two men -- anti-immigrant crusader Russ Dove and his cameraman -- showed up at precinct 49 in Tucson, at the Iglesia Bautista church, 4502 S. 12th St. Their plan: To harass and intimidate Spanish-speaking voters by using an "English-only" petition to screen for "illegal immigrants" trying to vote, videotape them, and post their likenesses on the Internet. Roy Warden also came, armed with a gun -- as he usually does -- and the trio started approaching a small number of people. MALDEF monitors were there, to observe the effect of Arizona's new requirement for ID to vote, and observed the attempted intimidation tactics.

Russ Dove's idea is that voters are required to speak English because the ability to speak English is required for naturalization. Mr Dove is apparently not aware that there are US born US citizens who do not speak English. I guess he has heard of Puerto Rico, but I don't know if he doesn't know that the principle language used in Puerto Rico s Spanish or if he doesn't know that Puerto Ricans are US citizens who are perfectly free to move to the mainland and vote whenever they want to. Also there are US born US citizens on the mainland who speak only Spanish. Only an idiot could honestly believe that all US citizens speak English. Also English fluency is not always required for naturalization as explained by Kynn in his post.

The part I like best (which could easily be a Kynn typo) is this

But back to Russ Dove's plan.

He asked for people who agree with him to fill out an online application form to watch the polling places:


Russ Dove also wrote "No speak English - No Vote! ".
I for wun am reel gladd he didn't say "can't spel kant voute" cause I wuld be in truble tooo.

Since Dove is a convicted felon, he can't vote in Arizona so he is probably jelous of non English speaking US citizens who can.

I quote the web page of the Arizona Secretary of State

Q: What are the qualifications to register to vote?


* Must be a Citizen of the United States of America
* Must be a resident of Arizona
* Must be 18 years of age or more on or before the day of the next regular
General Election
* Must not be a convicted felony, unless
your civil rights have been restored
* Must not been adjudicated incompetent

Wholly fuc we need some more immigrants, so that there will be some people in the USA who can write English korektly.

Roy Warden has left a new comment on your post "11/10/2006 10:13:00 AM":

Listen up, Pendejos and the Left Wing.

Your days in the sun and a "free ride" are over. The Gringos who are watching me Burn Mexican Flags and listening to my speech are waking up.

If you are illegal, sometime en la noche I will find you. I will turn you in to La Migra and you will be gone, "poof!", just like that.

Beware Cinco Cosas: La Noche, La Chupacabra, La Migra, The American Rule of Law, and Warden, the Notorious Mexican Flag Burner.

Illegal aliens, eschuame. Beware la noche. We are coming for you and you are going back to Mexico.

I am sooo scared Roy. By the way, how did you know that I spent 3 hours in Tijujana in 1975 ?


Kynn has left a new comment on your post "11/10/2006 10:13:00 AM":

Not a typo -- Russ Dove has very poor spelling skills, which is ironic for someone who claims to judge others' English ability.

As for voting, Arizona allows convicted felons to vote again once they have served their time. Dove told me that he voted in the election, and he had an "i voted!" sticker, so it seems that he probably did vote.

Wowwwww. noww i am in a week posishun to komment on sumwun ho laiks to judge others' English ability and has purr speling skils beins such a one myself. But, I mean like wowwwwwwwww that is one awesome catch Kynn.

Now as to the state of Arizona, it seems that "Must not be a convicted felony, unless your civil rights have been restored" is not only ungrammatic but also misleading (perhaps deliberately so) if it is SOP to restore civil rights to felons who have done their time.

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