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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anne Coulter is the finger of God

The Poor man agrees. Go there and consume *his* band width clicking on the youtube.

Now I believe that His purpose is to find the ultimate abyss of idiocy and I am to be not the hand of God but his ... you know that other thing that's larger than a finger and many people like to pretend that they think that Coulter has one.

Wait I didn't understand that last little bit "like Iraq Canada sent no troops to Vietnam".

Is the voice over guy really claiming that Iraq sent no troops to Vietnam ? That would be the implication of his statement in English but I guess he might be speaking Canadian or something.

I mean this is crazy. They say Canada sent no troops to Vietnam and now they say that Iraq didn't either.

I want to ask these people the following question: If we had so few allies in the war in Vietnam, why exactly did we win the war in Vietnam ?

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