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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Some new words and phrases which may be useful for discussing debate withing the Democratic party

to metastupise: v practice of responding when one's claim is proven false by arguing that what you really said is that most Americans appear to believe that claim so the party is doomed unless every Democrat accepts it as truth.

metatestes: n the imaginary male reproductive glands that some people seem to think they acquire by sending other people off to war.

concern orcs: n Right wing Democrats (or Independent Democrats) who are concerned that if the party doesn't do whatever they want it will never win elections. This is a variant on concern trolls, who are Republicans who warn Democrats that if the Democrats don't roll over (again) regular Americans will perceive them as being weak. A lesser breed as orcs are less powerful than trolls in Middle Earth (not to be confused with middle America). When concern orcs become childish like Martin Peretz they become concern goblins. Those who are so pathetic they make you cringe such as Mickey Kaus are concern Gollums.

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