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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dubai or not Dubai ? That is the question.

If the Emirs of the UAE Dubai P&0 should we be P'd Off ? Not acording to George Dubaiah Bush.

I have always been impressed and amazed by the blogosphere's ability to resist the temptation of stupid puns. A google search for Dubaiah gave no references to the President. Dubaia gave 10,500 hits the first few pages of which were seriously about Dubai. "george dubaia" gave results of interest only to Czeck saluki fans. Altogether admirable avoidance of twittyness. Sorry to ruin the blot the blogosphere's copybook.

Update: Sad to say, I am not the only offender of the God(s) of good English. (S)He [they] is [are] also angry with Mark Kleiman "Of course, that shouldn't keep us from also referring to the Beloved Leader as George Dubaiya Bush or nominating him for the Dubaious Achievement Awards."

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